Edgarda Allana Doe

Edgarda Allana Doe

Edgarda Allana Doe was born in Boston, Massachusetts and enjoyed a profoundly uneventful childhood, save for being orphaned at a young age. She joined the army soon after her 18th birthday, but quickly left with the hopes of pursuing her two true loves - writing poetry and short stories - instead. She was married once, but tragically lost her spouse to tuberculosis after just over 10 years of marriage. She has never gotten over this loss, and often makes mention of her beloved in her work. Over the course of her lifetime, she has worked for various literary journals; however, she has spent most of her time woefully unemployed and attempting to make a living from her writing. She expects to die under suspicious circumstances at age 40. Her work is known for being markedly macabre, morose, morbid, melancholy, moody, monstrous, malignant and a whole other host of words beginning with M. In her spare time, you can find her summoning spirits on a Ouija board, casting spells on those who have slighted her and attempting to see her reflection in mirrors.


No Longer a Ghost

The grim reaper stood over my grave, casting his gray gaze down on me
He tried, as he and I had for so many years, to understand the human emotion –
my human emotion –

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