Yet Another Year

Yet another year.
“Happy birthday” sounds boring
“Special day” sounds dull
For the person I saw eat raw cookie dough

Show me the wisdom
Show me the way
Because one more year is here to stay!

Pandora’s box
Are the secrets I know about you
So keep being nice to me
My one-star Yelp review

And when I first met you
My soul had tasted completion
A perfect combination
Of my life’s funniest repetition

A sweet happy birthday
On my friend’s special day
For all I ever wanted
Was to be cliché 

Eva Mermingi

Eva Mermingi

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Hello! My name is Eva and my thirst for writing started when I was 15! Over the years, my passion for technical SEO won me over (such a plot twist!) but I never stopped writing. I loved writing creative stories that would be able to pass a beautiful message or show a side of myself that tech would never comprehend! Words are not easily forgotten; those who choose to express themselves through their words deserve a special place in the online world.