Grandpa Amongst the Flowers

Grandpa lived amidst the flowers
Of the rose garden he kept with care
A legacy of thorns and petals
That makes us feel like he’s still there

He is surrounded by his daughters
Grandchildren, friends and his dear wife
He rests his head as his hands open
To let go of a long, good life

His chair is stood there in the garden
Where only grandma’s left for now
After a lifetime spent together 
There’s only memories left somehow

Now grandpa lies amongst the flowers
Lilies and irises today
We hold each other’s hands in silence
As the wind carries him away

Lola Michels

Lola Michels

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My name is Lola, the Content Strategist at Passion Digital. I’ve contributed a poem to Poetry with Passion about my grandpa’s recent passing. He didn’t believe in heaven, although his garden came pretty close. As he said goodbye, he wondered: could there be a better place?