The Gifts That Last

A time to be grateful for what was,
To say what went unsaid
And hold close those you love

That’s what a funeral is for

She’s already found peace in the
Place reserved for her
Free of every earthly hardship

What we can give her now,
Far beyond all the bouquets of flowers,
Will be kindness to those around us;
To those that cared for her
And the ones she cared for,
To friends and family, to
Strangers, because each person
We are generous with
Carries on a piece of the beauty
Her life created in us

What could be better than your
Children and grandchildren
Leaving you this legacy?

All that’s good in life is found here

In these, the acts that
Express appreciation,
We make real the value of what others
Did for us;
We keep humanity alive

The rest doesn’t matter so much

It’s the simple gift we give to others,
And the gestures more than the things,
That mean the most

Thank you Grandma; yours will be

John Xavier

John Xavier

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John Xavier has been writing and self-publishing for several years now. Poetry and philosophy mainly. A new collection of short stories is currently in the editing phase though and should appear soon.