How to Write a Poem

First decide your poem’s form,
Classic or out of the norm,
Epic, Limerick,
Slam, rap, acrostic,
Lyric, make it quick,
Take your pick –
That’s how you write a poem.

Plump for a rhyme scheme – 
One to match your form theme – 
Triplet, sonnet,
Weak, strong or perfect,
Don’t fret, no sweat – 
That’s how you write a poem.

Think about your metre
To write a Shakespeare beater,
Mind your feet,
Keep it neat,
Stress delete, 
Quite a feat –
That’s how you write a poem.

What about the diction
Of your work of fiction?
Sound effect,
Word inflect,
Then perfect – 
That’s how you write a poem.

Keep it short or make it long,
Tell yourself that “nothing’s wrong”…
But that’s not true
When you scroll through 
The whole to-do …
I promise you – 
It’s not so hard to write a poem.

how to write a poem
Rosie Pugh

Rosie Pugh

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Rosie is a content marketing manager by day and a novelist by night. Poetry with Passion is her brainchild, born out of a fascination with the intersection between technical optimisation and creative copywriting.