Loversโ€™ Journey

On a Sunday morning we met, flowers in hands, ready.
His eyes wide open, sweet smile.
Oh, those early stages.

From kisses under the streetlights
To long night talks, โ€œusโ€ was all we needed.

Sharing weekends, laughs, and jokes,
Cooking evenings were our witnesses.
Sometimes, too, endless wishes.

It seems all unexpected when someone falls in love.
Everything changes, in a blink of an eye.
Dreams came true, I caught myself thinking.

But from his point of view, that is all it took
For a romance like that to bloom.

Wonders about true love, night whispers,
Always hand in heart.
Until the next time.

Carolina Abaunza Moreno

Carolina Abaunza Moreno

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Carolina is an enthusiastic digital marketing professional with experience in Marketing and PR, Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing. When not working, she enjoys immersing herself in good books, mystery-solving series, and long karaoke nights.