Lovers’ Journey

On a Sunday morning we met, flowers in hands, ready.
His eyes wide open, sweet smile.
Oh, those early stages.

From kisses under the streetlights
To long night talks, “us” was all we needed.

Sharing weekends, laughs, and jokes,
Cooking evenings were our witnesses.
Sometimes, too, endless wishes.

It seems all unexpected when someone falls in love.
Everything changes, in a blink of an eye.
Dreams came true, I caught myself thinking.

But from his point of view, that is all it took
For a romance like that to bloom.

Wonders about true love, night whispers,
Always hand in heart.
Until the next time.

Carolina Abaunza Moreno

Carolina Abaunza Moreno

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Carolina is an enthusiastic digital marketing professional with experience in Marketing and PR, Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing. When not working, she enjoys immersing herself in good books, mystery-solving series, and long karaoke nights.