A Love Story in Snapshots

French Exits

French exits at the party
Catching your eye and your smile across the room
French kisses at the bus stop
With my hands in your pockets and your fingers in my hair
French pastries in the morning
Brushing crumbs from the bed covers, wreathed in coffee steam.

Love Lines

Love lines traced on my palms
As you twine your fingers in mine
Love songs hummed on the radio
As I think of you and bite back my smile
Love notes slipped in my lunchbox
A goofy scrawl on a scrap of paper.

Baby Steps

Baby steps as we start out together
Holding hands, holding our breath, not really fearing the fall
Baby blue the cloudless sky
When we drove to the beach just to bury our toes in the sand
Baby grand piano playing leggiero
In the dusky corner of the restaurant where we shared dessert.

Rosie Pugh

Rosie Pugh

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Rosie is a content marketing manager by day and a novelist by night. Poetry with Passion is her brainchild, born out of a fascination with the intersection between technical optimisation and creative copywriting.