The Big Smoke

The Big Smoke it’s called, the city of London it sprawls
and it’s full to the brim with sights new and old.
From Westminster Abbey where royals are wed,
to the Tower of London where it’s off with your head.

A stream of commuters flood Oxford Street,
the rhythm of London played out with their feet.
Keep to the left or be branded a tourist,
better to act like a London bred purist
and keep to the right with your handbag held tight.

Float away from the hustle to a stream more tame,
the river Thames a snake of calm, away from Brick Lane.
London Eye on the south bank, Big Ben on the north,
Tate Modern and Tower Bridge along on its course.

Tourist attractions will lure you back in,
It’s an almost addictive cacophonous din.
Take a trip to the West End, promenade Trafalgar Square,
see a play or a musical, feel showbiz in the air.

There’s so much to see and so much to do,
zip across from Kings Cross to old Waterloo.
You’re either a blue blood or completely broke,
But enjoy the adventure they call the Big Smoke.

Millie Sephton

Millie Sephton

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Millie is a copywriter-cum-environmental scientist who has recently moved to London and is currently studying Digital Marketing with the London Business School. She enjoys eating tiramisu, swimming in the sea and attempting to keep her houseplants alive.