What More to Life?

Sometimes I think: “imagine if the world saw me now”
As I skip around the hall,
a tall, blond haired fool,
with my shirt on my head,
and instead of jeers
from my peers, I hear cheers
as my sister and brothers,
(also father and mother)
are skipping and calling,
knee sliding and falling,
and the fool is the one
who’s not having fun,
and not seizing the day.
“Carpe Diem” we would say.
As we do not judge our own family.

Sometimes things at home aren’t so jovial and jolly.
Sometimes worry and sorrow
can follow a fight.
But we’ll make it right
because our blood is thicker
than a demonic ichor
So we forgive so much quicker
and forget what was said.
Then instead of head full of
dread and fear,
we endear to each other –
sister to brother.
Brother to sister.
Parents to children.
And then, like in nature, our bond will grow greater.

No. I can’t live without a family there.
People who care,
more than one can bear.
Who I share with my issues,
(they share their tissues).
But no matter what
They are all that I’ve got,
when the world turns aside,
and I hide all my pride
inside, I don’t fear,
as I know they’ll be here,
and will hear what I can’t say.
Even when the anger’s directed their way.
Because we are a family.

We will endeavour, through the stormiest weather. To love each other forever.

Nick Ward

Nick Ward

Nick is a passionate person - put something in front of him, and he will give it his all. Since becoming "another commuter", he started using this time on the underground to write poems. They often focus on how rhythm can change the perspective on a story and trigger emotions.