An unmarked emptiness in need of signage. 
Where are the big red letter signs Left Home
In the estate agents’ catalogues?
One embrace, one cooked dinner, one pair of apron strings, all to let.
One flown nest, not the same, semi-detached, open for lease.
Complete with:
Bedroom – just as he left it,
Window view – of child’s swing set and deflated football, 
Baby pictures in dustless frames.

Under offer currently for:
‘I love you’ half said, half coughed,
Between lectures, shops and distant bus stops, 
‘Stay in touch’ half heard, half hoped, 
Forgotten between nights out and revision notes.
One set empty coat hooks, one old toothbrush, two odd socks.

Eva Sprecher

Eva Sprecher

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Eva is a PhD student at UCL studying foster care relationships. She also works as a research assistant at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. She writes poetry occasionally alongside sketching, photography and dance as creative outlets.