Married in the Morning

‘I’m getting married in the morning’, 
He shouted the night before the big day. 
‘I’m getting married in the morning’, 
She screamed the night before her father gave her away. 

In less than 24 hours they would tie the knot, 
A reality they could hardly believe. 
Both the bride and groom tried to contain their excitement, 
On this magical wedding day eve. 

She closed her eyes and imagined the next morning, 
Putting on her wedding dress.
He closed his eyes and imagined the next morning, 
Getting suited in his Sunday best. 

Before they knew it the sun had risen, 
The countdown finally ends. 
The perfect wedding for the perfect couple, 
Surrounded by family and friends.

Seb Ward

Seb Ward

Hello! My name is Seb and I've recently graduated from the Uni of Bath, having studied Politics and International Relations. I'm now due to start my job as a Senior Communications Officer on the Civil Service Fast Stream. I've always had a passion for writing, which has ultimately led me down the career path I'm on. I have a blog that I frequently use to share my thoughts and since lockdown started, I've got into writing poetry. I have an Instagram account where I share all my previous pieces called @wardsandwords, feel free to check it out!